Hazing Policy
It is a behavior or an action which degrades and denies an individual a working environment that promotes professional growth, dignity, and mutual respect for others. Hazing is any conduct whereby one military member or members, without proper authority, causes another military member or members to suffer or be exposed to an activity which is cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning, or harmful. Soliciting or coercing another to perpetrate any such activity is also considered hazing. Hazing need not be physical contact among or between military members; it can be verbal or psychological in nature, actual or implied.
It is my responsibility to ensure the equality of treatment for all personnel and to ensure we will never take the dignity away from any Sailor. I will thoroughly review all reported cases where hazing is suspected or alleged and, if proven true, hold the individual(s) accountable and swiftly apply corrective action.
Leaders shall personally become involved in the prevention and detection of hazing as well as foster and demand an environment free of hazing. Any person who engages in, fails to report, or fails to act to prevent any form of hazing, will be held accountable and subjected to appropriate administrative or disciplinary action. Reprisal or acts of intimidation related to a complaint of hazing will not be tolerated and are also subject to administrative or disciplinary action.
All hands shall maintain a high standard of professionalism and respect for every member within this command. Our success is dependent upon each and every Sailor and civilian contributing their part. I charge each member of this command to address, correct, and report, without fear of reprisal, any instance of hazing.

Rear Admiral, United States Navy