Suicide Prevention
Suicide is a needless and tragic decision that can be prevented by learning to recognize warning signs and taking immediate action. Save a life by seeking help or reaching out to others. I charge every member of the command to "ACT": A-Ask the question; C-Care; and help the person find T-Treatment.
We have a duty to seek, support, and reach out to one another to live life fully. Take time to strengthen your capacity to reach out in the following ways:
  1. Familiarize yourself with the Military Crisis Line.  The Lifeline banner and link to confidential chat can be found on every Navy website.
  1. Test your safety plan to review how you would "ACT" to help a friend or family member in need of assistance.
  1. Plan support during personal transitions such as moves, life transitions, returning from deployment, changing jobs, and leaving the Navy.
  1. Screen for depression.
  1. Encourage engagement through peer-to-peer mentor groups such as the CPO Mess, FCPO Mess, and Wardroom.
I expect leaders at every level in the command to ensure people who need help get it and get it quickly. There is no stigma attache to seeking mental health services. Your life is worth living.  Live it!\ .Good Shipmate lets take care of each other!'

James A. Aiken
Rear Admiral, United States Navy